11-year-old lefse entrepreneur reaches goal of purchasing a horse

Published: Dec. 23, 2019 at 6:52 PM CST
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Jana has been selling lefse for a little over a year but after she was featured on KFYR-TV, sales went through the roof.

Every $5 to $15 sale, was saved in a piggy bank, until Jana was ready to make her $5,000 purchase.

When we last saw Jana, she had made 900 plates of lefse to sell at The Big One.

After running out, Jana began taking orders for Christmas.

When she returned home to Mercer, her next big delivery would be her new friend ShadowFax.

ShadowFax has now been on the farm for close to a month.

Jana has gained a new companion, and her goals continue to grow.

Jana has plenty of animals and chores to take care of, but the new addition to the farm required years of hard work.

"Three maybe four years ago I only had $400. I worked hard and just kept getting $10 or $15 a day or week and just kept saving up," said Jana.

Five years later, Jana's can touch her goal.

"It’s really a proud moment, I never knew it would be so exciting to have your kids accomplish their goals,” said Annie Carlson, Jana’s mother.

Saddling up with ShadowFax was a dream come true.

"The first night I slept with him on my farm I couldn't sleep, just thinking of all the fun we would have," said Jana.

For Mother Annie, the friendship was instant.

"I've seen her increase her confidence, she rides bareback, so that's a learning experience for both of them," says Annie.

The new experiences for Jana are just the beginning.

"This horse will do anything Jana wants to do, so we're going to try some different events and see what they enjoy doing together," said Annie.

Riding ShadowFax is a clear indicator of where the future is taking her.

"I want to go to a horse training college, and those are expensive so I need to save up a lot," said Jana.

Her new dream can be reached, with more lefse and many more hours in the saddle.

Jana says she is expanding her lefse business to get her brother and sister involved.