11-year-old from Dickinson wins title in national dance competition

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11-year-old Carter Dolyniuk started dancing five years ago. Watching his sister dance was his biggest influence.

"When she was dancing, I just got kind of sick of just waiting there, then I wanted to join," said Carter Dolyniuk.

His dad says that he has always been an entertainer.

"His skills were beginner but he still had the right attitude for it," said Doug Dolyniuk, Carter's father

And it may have been his attitude that won him a national title at StarPower in Las Vegas.

It was Carter's first solo performance, and he won 5 stars - the highest amount you can receive.

"For him to receive 5 stars, for him to receive title, people need to understand that he's going up against the best dancers in the United States, in Las Vegas, which speaks for itself," said Nikki St John, Owner, Creative Director, Burn the Floor.

Creative Director Nikki St. John says that Carter being a dancer from a small city makes his win even more special.

"To bring that back to a small town, and to have that here in North Dakota on such a facet of levels is really spectacular," said Nikki St John, Owner, Creative Director, Burn the Floor

His piece, titled "the Garage sale," was inspired by his mom and choreographed by St. John.

Carter says he uses the skills he learns in the studio in other areas of his life. But he says he feels the most in tune with himself when he dances.

"I just feel like I can just be free. Like not in a box," said Carter Dolyniuk