101-year-old sister still setting an example for others

Published: Sep. 18, 2017 at 7:42 PM CDT
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At 101-years-old, sister Elizabeth Novy struggles to find the words to describe her biggest accomplishment.

"Never ever thought about that (long pause) Let's see,” Novy paused. She says it's not her longevity, or even her 60 plus years as a first grade teacher. "Well I think the biggest accomplishment was really my entering St. Benedicts Convent."

The North Dakota native made vows in 1940, then helped found the Benedictine community in Bismarck in 1947. That group later founded what is now the University of Mary in 1959. Sister Elizabeth said she didn't answer her call on the first ring.

"That was in my heart for years but I was always pushing it away and then finally, it came,” Novy said.

Other sisters call her an inspiration.

"One of our sisters says is that one morning at breakfast, she thank sister Elizabeth for her example and Elizabeth commented with I guess that's all I have to do today is to be an example for the rest of you,” said Sister Nicole Kunze.

An example she will continue to set as long as God allows her.

Just as incredible as her service, Sister Elizabeth makes sure she walks outside almost every single day.

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