Williston Fire Department Ambulance Service receives recognition

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Last year in Williston, there were 2,400 calls for ambulance assistance. Of those calls, 254 were for children. The Williston Fire Department Ambulance Service recently received recognition for Pediatric Preparedness by the North Dakota EMS for Children Program.

The program acknowledges that the department has all the equipment, specialized medications, and transportation equipment for pediatric patients. Along with meeting the criteria for equipment, they also have the appropriate training and community outreach.

EMS Division Chief Emily Hughes, says adults are their typical patient base, but that makes it even more important for them to always be prepared for a pediatric emergency.

"Pediatrics are not just tiny adults. And it's very important for us to make sure that we have the equipment and the transportation equipment to safely treat and evaluate these patients based on their size and their anatomy. The anatomy of a pediatric patient is very different and their metabolisms are very different so we need to be able to evaluate them and treat them appropriately," Hughes said.

The department was awarded a certificate of honor in and decals for the ambulances. EMS Batallion Chief RJ Benth, appreciates the recognition for their hard work.

"It's very honoring, it's a list of criteria that is fun to meet, but I mean it's honoring, it's a reward in itself," Benth said.