Williams County deputies arrest man for pushing emergency buttons at oilfield facility

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WILLIAMS COUNTY, N.D. - The Williams County Sheriff's Office says a man was arrested this past weekend for causing thousands of dollars in damage at an oilfield facility.

The Sheriff's Office says they were called to an Energy Transfer Partners facility a little after 4 a.m. because someone had pushed an emergency shutdown button and a crash button, causing the plant to shut down and generators to be activated.

Law enforcement was told a fire pull down had also been activated and a wheel valve turned, setting off fire foam extinguishers on top of holding tanks.

When deputies got to the site, in the first building they entered wires had been pulled from a control panel. In the Pump
House, deputies say they found fire extinguisher powder and a set of boot prints leading to the Fire Foam building. There, deputies say they found 27-year-old Destin Emmett Hall, wearing ripped clothing and no shoes. A pair of cowboy boots and a fire extinguisher were found on the floor.

Hall told a detective his girlfriend dropped him off at the site after they had a fight. Hall told the detective he was drunk, angry, that he "broke stuff" and hit a "red switch." Hall also told the detective he had "no excuse for his actions."

Energy Transfer has given law enforcement initial estimates of damage and cleanup, totaling about $35,000 thousand dollars. But those estimates do not include financial losses from the time period during which the plant was shut down.

Hall has been charged with Criminal Mischief and Criminal Trespassing and has been scheduled for a jury trial in February 2019.