Pete Hegseth, Fox news contributor and veteran, shares book and inside with community members

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MINOT, N.D. - Fox news contributor and veteran, Pete Hegseth, held a book signing and panel Monday.

Hegseth was joined by North Dakota's Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Bergum.

The two discussed this weekend's national news, the election and how to get involved in the national debate.

Both Bergum and Hegseth say the book is important at this time in the election.

"This book is you know a timely one, because it talks about engaging, it talks about getting in the arena. It talks about, not the critics that count, but those people that get in and try to make a difference and we have alot of those people in North Dakota," said Burgum.

"The American story cuts across all 50 states, all racial backgrounds, all economic backgrounds. It's a message of opportunity. It's an exceptional message across North Dakota, Minnesota, across this country. If we loose that equal opportunity, that opportunity for the American dream we are giving away a precious gift that was given to us in our generation. Our job is to find a way to preserve it and pass it on," said Hegseth.

Hegseth's book is being sold on his website and local bookstores. He and Burgum will be speaking at the petroleum conference Tuesday.