Mountain lion tracks in Lincoln

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Update (4:50 p.m.)

The department says an animal was never spotted while they were following the tracks for about two miles.

According to furbearer biologist Stephanie Tucker, the tracks weren’t very large, leading her to believe it was either a female or a young male, meaning between the age of 1 and 3. She also believes it was only one animal.

Tucker says a homeowner in Lincoln saw tracks in their driveway this morning, and called the department to investigate. Tucker says they eventually stopped following the tracks southeast of the University of Mary.

Tucker says they were in contact with the school, however the animal was never on the university’s property.

Mountain lion tracks have been found in Lincoln.

According to the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, tracks were found early this morning. A furbearer biologist says the tracks indicate the animal moved through Lincoln to an area east of the University of Mary, and then headed toward the river. The Lincoln Police Department and Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department helped to follow the tracks.

The Bismarck area is located in mountain lion hunting zone 2. The mountain lion season in zone 2 is open through March 31. There is no limit on the number of mountain lions that can be taken in zone 2.