BSC health sciences programs move on campus

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The Bismarck State College Foundation has launched an $8 million campaign to bring its Health Sciences Programs onto the main campus.

Foundation members say the move is in response to a statewide health care workforce shortage.

Cory Wrolstad the Development Manager for the BSC Foundation says a move from the current downtown location to a building on campus is what Bismarck State College's Health Sciences program needs.

"We're really quite cramped with our programs that we have down here, and it just so happened to be that we had a building opening up adjacent to campus that the foundation owned and just gave us a great opportunity," said Wrostland.

Wrolstad says the move will almost double the space of their current facility. He explains, this will allow more students to be accepted to health sciences programs, which will fill jobs North Dakota needs.

Mckayla Houx, a Health Sciences student says being on campus will allow all of the programs to work with each other, giving students like her, a more realistic, practical experience.

"We were all really excited because we were like, 'oh new. we get to be the first ones to experience all of it," said Houx.

BSC Health Sciences offers the state's only surgical tech program. Wrolstad says, this move will not only benefit students, but also the entire state as more students will be graduating and entering the medical workforce.

The new building is set to be ready for students by the Fall of 2019. The on-campus facility will offer new, state-of-the-art technology to give students as realistic an experience as possible.