Real ID coming to North Dakota next year

BISMARCK, N.D. - A switch over from your current North Dakota driver's license to Real ID will begin next year.

ID labeled as "1" is the Real ID. The only visual difference is the star on the upper right corner. The "2" ID is the current identification card in North Dakota.

It will begin next summer and it won't affect traveler's using their current ID's until October 20-20.

"Your license right now is good to fly, it's good to go, you don't have to rush in the door to get anything, just wait,” said the Department of Transportation Driver’s License Division Director Glenn Jackson.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation announced Wednesday the state received a waiver for Real ID compliance.

Meaning, North Dakotans won't have to rush to the DMV next summer to swap out their ID. They'll have until October 2020 to switch over.

"It's not that our current identification is not secure [because] it is. What we aren't doing is we're not scanning the primary source documents for the license's and identification cards we're issuing," said Jackson.

DOT says more information will be linked to your ID. This initiative aims to prevent fraud.

"It is more information that you will be carrying on your card but there's enough security system’s out there and firewall to prevent damages," said owner of Bisman Drywall, Dusty Magilke.

Real ID isn’t a requirement though.

"If you don't want to get a real ID, don't get a real ID. That's fine but just understand that if you don't, you need to have a passport or something else in order to use for federal identification purposes," said Jackson.

A date hasn't been confirmed for the switch.