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Hello! My name is Jordan Verdadeiro.

I’m a Jersey girl originally so of course I love Springsteen. However, I just moved from Boca Raton, FL. My tan may be vanishing but the Florida warmth will be in my heart forever!

Fun Fact: I speak Spanish and Portuguese
Favorite Song: Africa by Toto
Favorite Hobby: Karaoke

Why am I here? I have always loved this industry, my first internship was in 2016 at ABC7 in Washington, D.C. where I had the amazing opportunity to cover election night during the Trump v. Clinton campaign.

I began anchoring in High School and that followed me through college (Lynn University!) where I began writing for the school paper. Hungry to grow my skills, I started freelancing for The Palm Beach Post, one of the biggest newspapers in south Florida and started digital story-telling.

I love doing this job because I want to share people’s stories and give them a voice. Feel free to follow me on twitter @jordyyverd on Instagram @JordanVerdadeiroTV and follow my Facebook page Jordan Verdadeiro KFYR TV!

NBC News Headlines

Paralyzed student walks to get college diploma

Aldo Amenta suffered a diving accident that left him paralyzed and in a wheelchair. With the help of a physical therapy team and an exoskeleton, he was able to stand up and walk across the stage to receive his degree in electrical engineering from Florida International University.

Officers rescues family of 4 from burning New Jersey home

Body cam footage shows a harrowing rescue from a burning New Jersey apartment building. A quick thinking officer carefully dropped two children from a balcony, bringing them to safety.

Charges dropped against mother whose baby was ripped from her arms by the NYPD

“My obligation is to keep the people of Brooklyn safe, but it’s also to promote trust in our justice system,” the District Attorney said. “When we have cases like this, it does the opposite. It undermines confidence.”

Rescuers racing against time to find 3 people trapped in West Virginia mine

Crews are pumping out water and pumping in air as families hold out hope that their loved ones make it out alive after being in the mine for over three days.

Good Samaritan on flight helps young mother having seizures

Former volunteer firefighter Anthony Marino gave the woman oxygen and tried to keep her awake, but other passengers are asking why the pilot continued flying for up to two hours as the woman’s seizures continued.