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NBC News Headlines

Man told Jewish co-worker she was in 'gas chamber,' police say

The Ulster, New York, store's owner said the man was fired and that the woman has quit.

'Welcome Aboard, Mx.': United Airlines offers non-binary gender options

United flyers can now identify as M(male), F(female), U(undisclosed) or X(unspecified), and will have the option to choose the title "Mx."

Teen arrested for alleged threats targeting black, minority students at a Charlottesville school

Charlottesville City Schools shuts down all schools for two days in a row due to the threat.

Florida Man Googles self to find out which Florida Man he is

The "Florida Man" social media challenge asks people to run their birthday and "Florida Man" in a search engine to find out what "Florida Man" headline pops up.

Aspiring doctors seek advanced training in addiction medicine

The addiction medicine specialty is expanding its accredited training to include primary care residents and 'social justice warriors' who see it as a calling.