Cliff Naylor

Cliff Naylor

Cliff Naylor began his career in broadcasting in 1977. He has worked on-air as a sports anchor, news anchor and weathercaster. As a reporter, he produces feature stories and documentaries for KFYR-TV.

Cliff’s work has earned two Emmys and garnered six Emmy nominations, along with ten Eric Sevareid awards.

He uses the skills and experience he’s developed over his more than three decades of work to critique, edit and approve most of the stories that run on KFYR newscasts each say. He also teaches multimedia journalists, often hired right out of college, how to write, shoot and report accurate, effective, engaging and entertaining news stories. He also serves as an assignment editor, researching and assigning story ideas to KFYR’s reporters for each day’s newscasts.

Videography and storytelling are his greatest loves, but he has also worked as a news director, sports director, and chief photographer.

He is perhaps best known as the author and producer of a weekly series called “Off the Beaten Path,” which has run on KFYR for years. It features interesting people and places in North Dakota.

He has authored two successful travel books based on “Off the Beaten Path” and has sold more than 20,000 copies of “Dakota Daytrips” and “More Dakota Daytrips.”

While working as a weathercaster on Country Morning Today, Cliff coined the phrase “Goldilocks Day.” What is it? A day that’s not too hot, not too cold, not too windy…but just right for outdoor activities.