Fargo mother speaks out after child goes missing from daycare

Shayla Zaste and her son Kyus
Shayla Zaste and her son Kyus(Reed Gregory)
Published: Nov. 20, 2023 at 8:06 PM CST
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Every parent’s nightmare unfolded for Shayla Zaste when she received a notification that her autistic and non-verbal son, Kyus, had gone missing from his daycare on November 17.

“I’m just doing everything in my power to fight for my son, because he doesn’t have a voice,” Zaste said.

The distressing incident occurred under the daycare’s supervision, leaving Zaste reeling for answers.

“I was like immediately I want to see the camera footage, and I want the incident report.” Zaste said.

While video surveillance captured moments of teachers searching for Kyus and his eventual return, Zaste remains convinced that crucial parts of the story are missing.

“I was like where’s the video of him getting out, and they were like oh, they must not have (the cameras) caught him,” Zaste said.

According to the police report, Kyus was noticed walking along the curb by a passing mailman, who promptly intervened and placed kyus in their vehicle.

“The mailman who found my child called the cops, and I want to say thank you to that mailman.” Zaste said. “something could have seriously happened to him if that mailman wasn’t there. He could have gotten hit by a car.”

Expressing her concern for other parents, Zaste intends not only to find a new daycare for Kyus but also to raise awareness about the importance of scrutinizing childcare choices.

“I just don’t want another child to go missing and end up hurt like my son could have,” Zaste said.

We contacted a step ahead learning center who issued this statement: “We followed all procedures when it came to finding kyus, and also notified the authorities, the county, and family involved with the incident. Child protective services also found zero negligence with this situation. We want every child who attends our facility to feel safe, and want all parents to know their children are safe.”