Christmas shopping spree for Sanford Health

Published: Nov. 17, 2023 at 5:08 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Santa’s carrying a new kind of red bag this year. The Sanford’s Children’s team went on a Christmas present shopping spree Friday.

K&L Homes and the Moldenhauer family partnered with the Sanford Foundation to make sure children who are in the hospital have plenty of toys to play with, as well as other necessary supplies.

If you have a sick child, presents might be the furthest thing from your mind, especially with the cost-of-living crisis that’s been going on throughout 2023. That’s why Sanford partners with K&L Homes and the Moldenhauer family each year to stock up on plenty of goodies for the kids stuck in the hospital in order to make caregivers’ lives easier.

“Our kids, their primary role in life is just to play, and to continue to do that. But when they come into the hospital setting, it can be a time of setback, and we want to make sure that we allow them to continue to explore and grow and learn,” said Jana Heen, a child life specialist at Sanford.

The presents won’t only be handed out at Christmas, though. Heen said they give toys and gifts to the kids year-round.

It’s more than just toys: necessities like hairbrushes and other self-care items are donated as well. The toys they pick out are pretty good though, thanks in part to the Moldenhauer children who help with the shopping.

“It’s a great chance for me as a father to teach them that it’s important to give back both to the community and the people that support you. I know that they probably don’t shop nearly as much on their own as they do for one day— this morning— but we love it, and it’s a great chance to give back to the community,” said Chad Moldenhauer, a member on Sanford’s board of directors.

Heen said the presents are more than just gifts. She said they’re motivators for the kids in the hospital, and children often use them to cope with what they’re going through.

The Moldenhauer family gives special thanks to Target and its staff for helping them make this shopping spree happen each year.

You can donate to Sanford Health through their website.