SERVPRO Athlete of the Week: DLB’s Shaylie Holen

Published: Nov. 1, 2023 at 5:21 PM CDT
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DES LACS, N.D. (KMOT) - Shaylie Holen is missing something.

“They just went ‘Bing!’” said Shaylie, a senior at Des Lacs-Burlington High School.

It’s not so obvious anymore.

“She said ‘my teeth are gone!’” said Ava Feist, a senior at DLB.

During the Lakers volleyball team’s final regular season practice, Shaylie left it all on the court.

“My mouth was open when I dove, and I guess I just forgot to stop my head and I slammed my head on the ground. My teeth went directly in the floor, and I think there’s a mark on the floor where my teeth went,” said Shaylie.

“We spent the next 15 minutes looking for her teeth on the ground,” said Ava.

Shaylie’s Halloween costume must have come a few weeks early.

“It looked like I had fangs,” said Shaylie.

Her incisors are now imposters.

“Now half of them are fake,” said Shaylie.

But there’s nothing phony about this senior.

“She was so calm about it. She didn’t cry. She got up, and I think she does that on the court, too. In practice, during a game, when she messes up or we’re down, it’s about the next point,” said Ava.

Shaylie plays volleyball and softball for DLB.

“She’s just so supportive. Her athletic ability as well has gotten so good over the years. She pushes herself so hard. Such a hard worker, it pays off. She gets good results from her hard work,” said Cambrey Benno, a senior at DLB.

Some tooth troubles were just the beginning of the Lakers’ injuries this season.

“We all care so much about each other. It’s nice to see the way we all come together,” said Shaylie.

Through sprained ankles and stress fractures, Shaylie spread the love.

“She’s just got that personality where you got to love her,” said Cambrey.

“Just be yourself. That’s all people can ask for, just be yourself,” said Shaylie.

And don’t forget to smile.

Shaylie said she plans to go to college next year and study to be a physical therapist.

The Lakers play Velva in the first round of regionals Monday night.

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