SERVPRO Athlete of the Week: Minot High’s Logan Conklin

Published: Oct. 25, 2023 at 12:13 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. (KMOT) -- You can always go to Logan Conklin.

“If you need me, come to me. I can help you out,” said Logan.

Whether you need a touchdown catch...

“Being able to throw the ball to a guy like that, knowing that he can go make a play at any moment, in any game, it’s amazing,” said Lucas Beeter, a senior at Minot High.

Or, if you need any advice.

“He has a lot of knowledge from playing all these years,” said Landon Bedell, a junior.

Just look for Logan.

“Logan is special. He is an ‘x-factor’ on the edge and gives us a lot of confidence to have that type of player, when the ball is in the air you feel like he’s going to come down with it,” said Minot High football Head Coach Chauncy Hendershot.

The three-sport senior knows what it takes to make it to state, in basketball and in track.

“He knows what has to be done to get all the way to the end, like he did in basketball. He knows how to get there. He’s had good leadership in the past, so I think he knows how to lead a team,” said Landon.

That’s why he knew he had to change his game this year.

“The unsung part of his game is his edge blocking. A lot is made of our running backs but if you look at what our receivers do on the edge, and he’s certainly one of those, he’s mixing it up and getting really physical out there and seal the edge on those big plays that we break,” said Hendershot.

“Last year I probably didn’t block as well as I could have. Or I got lazy on it. This year, I felt like with the run game as strong as it is, me blocking is a big part of our game,” said Logan.

Players look up to Logan.

“I thought I was tall; you still look up to him with your neck bent,” said Lucas.

… in more ways than one.

“Some people don’t think I’m as nice as I am. They think I’m shy, but I think I’m an outgoing person. I’m nice to everyone I meet and want to be friends with everyone,” said Logan.

The next time you need a hand, just look for Logan.

Logan is exploring the option of playing football or basketball in college.

The Minot State Beavers football team extended an offer to him in February.

Minot High plays Mandan Friday night at Duane Carlson Stadium.

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