SERVPRO Athlete of the Week: South Prairie’s Azjiah Trader

Published: Oct. 4, 2023 at 5:29 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. (KMOT) - The South Prairie-Max Royals are trading losses for wins.

“This is mind-blowing,” said Azjiah Trader, a junior at South Prairie.

The team won 13 games total just two years ago.

“I guess this year, something just sparked in our team that we just wanted to be better than we’ve ever been before. And this is the year to do it,” said Trader.

To trade all those losses for wins, you need a ‘Trader’.

“She brings up an energy on the court that we just don’t have,” said Keturah Schwarzrock, head coach.

Enter Trader, the team’s junior middle blocker.

“I don’t want to say that we wouldn’t be here without any of our of our girls, but without her, it would definitely be much, much harder,” said Schwarzrock.

She’s averaging anywhere from 12 to 15 kills per game this season.

“You can just tell too when she plays, when she gets a good kill. She wants to make sure that she lets the defense know that they’re doing a good job. She gets a good block, she’ll make sure to compliment swing,” said Delaney Hankel, a junior from Max.

“She’s usually the first one to cheer for teammates,” said Hankel.

This summer, Trader represented Empire Volleyball Club at USA Volleyball All Star Championships in Florida.

“It’s so exciting to see a kid love a sport and just watch them excel so greatly at it. Then it grows their hunger. They’re not satisfied with that,” said Schwarzrock.

She tried out against players from Minnesota and North and South Dakota to play for the North Country Region.

“She’s not only a good player, but she’s just such a good leader, like, she’s very encouraging and very loud on the court and supportive and it’s just such a good teammate,” said Hankel.

It may seem like everything comes easy to her.

“A lot of people think I just have natural talent, and I feel like that does like affect me. I do work for where I’m at. I’m always watching the sport of volleyball just so I can get better and help my teammates get better, and just make your team better,” said Trader.

Trader just keeps getting better.

“There isn’t a bad thing I would say about her. She’s worked so hard to be the greatest human she can be and the greatest athlete she can be,” said Schwarzrock.

Trader said that she would like to go to college and play volleyball after graduating.

The Royals host Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood Thursday.

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