11-year-old Mandan girl’s journey with osteosarcoma

Published: Sep. 28, 2023 at 12:19 AM CDT
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MANDAN, N.D. (KFYR) - Aubry Porter was diagnosed with osteosarcoma earlier this year. Her family initially took her to the doctor because of some swelling in her knee, but what followed were months of cancer treatments, and even an amputation.

Aubry Porter is an 11-year-old girl who loves to dance. She enjoys helping her father keep score at wrestling meets, and not too long ago, her life changed forever. Doctors at Sanford and Mayo diagnosed her with osteosarcoma, a rare childhood cancer. A tumor had grown into the bone in Aubry’s knee.

“A month, month and a half, we were starting chemotherapy, and within three months of the diagnosis, we were at Mayo having surgery to remove the tumor,” said James Porter, Aubry’s father.

Since Aubry is a dancer, the Porters attempted to have a rotationplasty performed to make athletic activities easier for her. The operation would have repurposed the foot as her knee, making it much easier to use prosthetics. However, due to complications during the surgery, the surgeons performed a full amputation above her knee. James Porter said Mayo has been extremely helpful, and they’re currently considering which prosthetic to get for Aubry.

“One of the ones we’re looking into right now has a chip that allows for what my daughter likes to call a ‘bionic knee,’ so that she would be able to return back to dance and stats and stuff like that with the wrestling team,” said James.

Before Aubry’s diagnosis, Heather Hoover’s son once wrestled on the team James Porter coaches. Athletics are also a big part of her son’s life, and when he was diagnosed with cancer, he kept playing soccer. She said for him, not being able to play would have been crushing.

“That would devastate him. I mean, he played soccer while he had a double Hickman Lumen port coming out of his heart,” said Hoover.

James Porter said Aubry is recovering from her amputation well. She’s due to restart chemo treatments in October.

A fundraiser for the Porter family will be held at the Baymont Suites and Inn in Mandan on Thursday starting at 4 p.m., with an auction starting at 6 p.m. You can donate to the family’s GoFundMe or through Mandan’s Gate City Bank as well.