Minot murder trial to be pushed back again after attorney allowed to withdraw from case

Published: Sep. 20, 2023 at 7:31 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. (KMOT) – A Minot murder case that was supposed to go to trial next week will be pushed back once again after the courts allowed the defense attorney to withdraw from the case.

Shawnee Krall was supposed to stand trial Monday on an AA felony murder charge, in the Dec. 2020 death of his former roommate, 29-year-old Alice Queirolo.

Earlier this month, Krall’s attorney Breanna Delorme filed to withdraw from the case.

Meanwhile, Krall had filed a disciplinary action against Delorme, claiming she had not been providing effective assistance of counsel.

Judge Stacy Louser: “At some point Mr. Krall, between yourself and the victim’s family, we need to have closure here.”

Tiffany Sorgen, prosecutor: “Your Honor, I know we’re in a rut between a rock and a hard place here. The victim’s family does deserve finality and closure and Mr. Krall is entitled to a trial. However, it’s his own actions that have brought this. He’s the one to file the grievance, disciplinary grievance, against Ms. Delorme. She is in an untenable position at this point.”

Before ruling to let Delorme withdraw, Judge Stacy Louser addressed a motion from Krall to dismiss the murder charge on the grounds of a lack of probable cause.

Last April, Louser ruled out all evidence found in the search of a vehicle, including Queirolo’s body, on the grounds that police did not secure proper warrants or get permission from Krall’s probation officer.

The North Dakota Supreme Court upheld Louser’s ruling earlier this year.

On Wednesday, Louser pressed the state on the strength of its case.

Louser: “The state has an obligation to pursue charges in good faith, charges that they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Ms. Delorme’s argument is there is not probable cause here, in good faith, to show that you can prove all of the essential elements of murder beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Sorgen: “Your Honor, that is not the entirety of our evidence, is what she has sought to suppress.”

Ultimately Louser denied the motion to dismiss the charge.

Krall has been in custody since his arrest in Dec. 2020.

New trial dates will not be set until a new attorney is assigned to the case.

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