Downtown Minot revitalization that started in June is coming along

Published: Sep. 16, 2023 at 8:42 AM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. (KMOT) - Earlier this year, we learned about a unique group of artists coming together to make downtown Minot more colorful.

Just a few short months ago, the walls of the alleyway behind Magic City Hoagies in downtown Minot were bare.

Now, they have unique art pieces that represent the Magic City.

In June, we took a look at the progress made on a different project inside Magic City Sweets and Hoagies while talking with Ej Rose, the artist.

He said people need to be exposed more to the art culture here in Minot.

He also said he applied to contribute to the project in March.

It was funded by the North Dakota Department of Commerce for the Artists on Main Street program.

His son, Eli, was his main inspiration.

His vision for the mural encapsulated the beauty of creating your own magic as a child.

He said that with each of the artists’ visions in mind, the end result should bring in something unique.

The other artists are Matt Patzner, Mackenzie Ploof, and Jazmine Schultz.

Matt’s mural is nearly complete and EJ said Mackenzie’s troll stroll using troll statues should arrive soon.

Jazmine’s city sun sails, a piece with hula hoops and yarn, adds a pop of color to the entryway of The Drop Zone.

EJ said he was eager to get his portion finished.

“When I finally began, I was really relieved because I was underway and it took a long time but I was really happy that we finally got this going,” said EJ.

His son Eli stood for the mural when his dad first started working on the original canvas.

He says he feels very proud of the work his dad does all over the city.

“It’s pretty cool, knowing that my dad painted the alleyway in Minot downtown for Magic City Sweets and just knowing that he paints for like plays and stuff and the backgrounds. And he even has painted the trees — if you go to Mouse River Theaters, and you look through the windows, there’s trees over there and he painted those. Yeah, it’s pretty cool,” said Eli.

EJ is just one of the five artists contributing to this project with four additional pieces to come.

Fall in this alley is guaranteed to be magical.

According to leadership at Visit Minot, all pieces should be completed by mid-October.

Everyone is invited to visit the alleyway, take photos and enjoy the experience.