SERVPRO Athlete of the Week: Surrey’s Kaitlyn Reiter

Published: Sep. 6, 2023 at 5:35 PM CDT
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SURREY, N.D. (KMOT) - Every point in volleyball has to start the “right” way.

“I love Kaitlyn,” said Mekenzie Neighbors, a sophomore at Surrey.

Surrey’s senior libero is hard to miss.

“People listen to her. She’s loud, she’s there. You see her,” said Melissa Dougan, a senior at Surrey.

Maybe it’s her jersey. The libero wears a contrasting color to her teammates.

“I always wanted to know, who’s that girl that wears the different color jersey? I always like to stand out, so I wanted to be her,” said Kaitlyn Reiter.

It could be her voice.

“I’m always communicating, trying to hype everybody up. People might think I’m annoying, but I don’t really care,” said Reiter.

It could be because she’s involved in almost every point.

Last week, Reiter celebrated her 1,000th dig.

“I was so happy for her, and it was a really good dig too,” said Neighbors.

“It was such a good dig, the last one was so perfect, it was really exciting. I’m just so proud of her, honestly,” said Dougan.

But there’s more than 1,000 reasons why Reiter deserves recognition.

“I haven’t even seen half of the work that Kaitlyn has put into it. Knowing how much she loves it, puts work into it and how much time she’s dedicated to it, it’s just amazing honestly,” said Dougan.

“I don’t get in my head anymore like I used to. She’s really helped with that, Reiter is always keeping me happy,” said Neighbors.

She’s there to make sure the team is headed in the “right” direction.

“She’s a really sweet person. She might look mean… but she’s not,” said Neighbors.

She’s there even when her volleyball career wasn’t promising.

“When I started volleyball in seventh grade, I did not want to play. I absolutely did not want to play at all. My mom made me, she told me to go for the first day,” said Reiter.

Now, Reiter can inspire those younger players.

“She’s always positive,” said Neighbors.

She can spread the message she wishes she knew.

“You have to be a student-athlete, too. You have to keep your grades up, be a good person, can’t be rude to others — because that’s a main part of volleyball, you have to be a good teammate and help others,” said Reiter.

Reiter is doing things the “right” way.

The Mustangs play Drake-Anamoose Thursday night.