Minoter who moved to Florida talks impact of Hurricane Idalia

Published: Aug. 30, 2023 at 8:21 PM CDT
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HERANDO COUNTY, Fla. (KMOT) – A former Minot resident who moved to Florida earlier this year said he just missed the brunt of the impact of Idalia.

Evan Hunt and his family moved to Hernando County in March.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office shared images on Facebook of flooding in the area.

Hunt said they were in the path of the storm as recent as three days ago, but it shifted just north of them.

He said they were just outside of the surge zone, so they got lucky.

Hunt said he’s only a few minutes away from flooding, though, and some of his friends were flooded out.

They considered evacuating before the storm shifted course.

“We thought about it. We have some friends to the east and from the southeast that we could have evacuated to. But I’ve been through hurricanes before. And I think that with the strength of the storm, even though it was going to be stronger than they thought, I figured we’d be able to batten down here at home and withstand the brunt of the storm,” said Hunt.

Hunt said he’s returning to work Thursday and his kids are already returning to school Thursday as well.