Hooked a wallet, not a walleye: a young man’s surprise catch

Published: Aug. 22, 2023 at 8:32 PM CDT
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MOORHEAD, Minn. (KFYR) - Imagine you’re fishing on the lake and you feel a tug on your line. You reel your catch in and find out it’s a wallet full of cash! That’s exactly what happened to a Moorhead, Minnesota, teen on vacation.

14-year-old Connor Halsa and his family vacation up at Lake of the Woods in Minnesota every July 4th weekend. However, this vacation was not like years past.

Halsa says he and his family were going out to an island on Lake of the Woods, and in between, they stopped and fished.

The first time he reeled in, he didn’t catch anything. The next time, he caught a walleye. But then he reeled his line back and a billfold wallet appeared containing $2,000.

Most people would want to keep the money, but Halsa and his family decided to track the owner down.

“We went through it and found his driver’s license to find his name, and cards to see what he might have been doing. When we were heading back home to Moorhead, I searched up his name and I found his number and I called it,” said Halsa.

The owner of the wallet was a man named Jim Denney who had lost it a year ago while at Lake of the Woods.

Halsa and Denney were able to meet in person after the wallet was returned. Denney gave Halsa a special fish cooler as a reward.

Halsa’s message to others: if you find something that is not yours, try and find the owner and return it.