Burgum talks visit to border, influx of drugs into America ahead of debate

Published: Aug. 22, 2023 at 7:51 AM CDT
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MILWAUKEE, Wis. (KFYR/KMOT) - National security, drugs and the southern border are expected to be hot-button issues for the candidates taking part in Wednesday’s Republican presidential debate.

Joe Skurzewski is on the ground in Milwaukee and brings us more from his talk with Gov. Doug Burgum, R-ND.

One of the big issues that Governor Doug Burgum is emphasizing during his presidential campaign is national security and the issue with drugs across our country. During Joe’s conversation with him, Joe had a chance to ask about how he’s incorporating those plans into his campaign. Burgum talked about his recent visit to the southern border.

“We have an open border. There are people who are crossing the border across the Rio Grande, right? Well, we stood there down there and the Biden administration is not treating this like the humanitarian crisis it is, they’re not treating it like a national security crisis. It is because in the last two years, we’ve had over 200,000 overdose deaths in America. 70% of those are fentanyl poisonings. That fentanyl is originating in China coming to the Mexican border. That’s like four Vietnam’s worth of loss of life. We’re taking mass casualties in the United States right now,” said Burgum.

We’ll have more of Joe’s conversation with Governor Doug Burgum throughout this week.