New mural turning heads, boosting hometown pride in small Montana town

Published: Jun. 9, 2023 at 1:30 PM CDT
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WIBAUX, MONT. (KFYR) - A fresh coat of paint can transform a space.

So, imagine what a mural can do for a community.

The folks in Wibaux, Mont. hope a new mural there might instill a sense of pride in the people who live there.

There’s not a lot of traffic in Wibaux, but this new mural is strategically placed on the busiest street in town.

A few cans of paint and a vision transformed an old, abandoned building into a work of art.

The transformation is thanks to a grant from Montana State University Extension and to the hard work of Glendive artist Charity Schreibeis, a couple of her high school art students and Wibaux residents like Tori Wyman.

“We actually had a ton of help and that was kind of the point was to bring the whole community together,” said Wyman.

The bright color and the message are designed to instill a sense of hometown pride in those who live here.

“We should love where we live,” said Schreibeis. “It’s just amazing what a piece of art can do for town pride and just to kind of Ignite the fire that will hopefully keep going.”

There’s still one more piece to install on this mural. It will also serve as a reminder to residents to be proud of their small town.

Schreibeis and her students have done several murals in Glendive. They just started a new one this week. She said the murals there have created quite a buzz around Glendive and she was happy to spread the excitement to nearby Wibaux.