Midwives in Minot provide empowerment and support

Published: Jun. 8, 2023 at 6:25 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. (KMOT) – There are a lot of misconceptions out there on the concept of what having a midwife means when having a baby. Your News Leader caught up with a few at Trinity to learn more.

Kate Rubbert, a mom of three, decided on midwifery with her third child. She said the quality of care is unmatched and that midwives Erica Riordan and Jayme Burman boosted her confidence and made her feel supported.

“Seeing the midwives for my third pregnancy, I felt like I was a lot more empowered to make decisions as part of my own care,” said Hubbert.

Riordan and Burman have been certified nurses and midwives for more than ten years. They said developing a relationship at the start of a pregnancy builds foundational trust and security.

“We know that it’s not just about that pregnant belly, it’s about everything going on in their life and other physical issues that affect their pregnancy,” said Riordan.

Riordan also said they often take on more roles in midwifery than just medical.

They strive to provide a genuine relationship with their patients.

Burman shared that she feels the pandemic prompted patients to think about more holistic birthing options. She explained nothing is more fulfilling than her role during birth.

“There is no more beautiful moment, seeing a family grow. It’s like, if you see a dad that gets a little tear in his eye, and you’re just like, it’s just warms your heart, Nothing better,” said Burman.

These dedicated midwives follow up after delivery with post-partum checks. They can also connect new babies with pediatricians and provide other helpful guidance.

Helping deliver new beginnings and providing long-lasting care from the heart.

Common misconceptions of midwifery are that drug administration will be discouraged and that midwives are only used in home births.

Riordan and Burman said these aren’t true.

They said they don’t perform home births and that they cater care to the patient’s needs.