Love and lemonade: Bismarck kids donate lemonade stand profits to family in need

Published: Jun. 6, 2023 at 10:24 AM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - This time of year, lemonade stands seem to pop up on every street corner. Young entrepreneurs hoping to sell enough lemonade to buy a new video game or toy.

But then there are lemonade stands like this one, where the goal is much bigger than a trip to the store. Their goal will make you smile, and probably make you want to buy a cup of ice-cold lemonade too.

The Sprynczynatyk kids are lemonade stand experts.

“I’ve done it for a long time,” said nine-year-old Zoey Sprynczynatyk. “You sort of have to have a lot of lemonade. "

“I think the secret is mixing them. Pink lemonade and yellow lemonade,” added her six-year-old brother, Greysen Sprynczynatyk.

But this is no ordinary lemonade stand. Zoey and Graysen won’t keep any of the money they raise here.

“Not even one quarter,” said Greysen.

Instead, they’ll give it all to the McFarlen family.

Jerry McFarlen is an aide at the Sprynczynatyk’s school. He and his wife Sarah welcomed their fourth baby in February, but there were complications for Sarah.

“Her heart just stopped pretty much so they went to Minneapolis to get a heart transplant,” explained Zoey.

“They found a 100% match and she went through her heart transplant surgery and now she’s recovering in Minneapolis,” said Lindsay Davis, Sarah’s oldest and dearest friend. “We’ve been friends for 20 years.”

She’s watched her friend stay strong through this medical battle, and she’s watched the community rally around the McFarlen family.

“Our community coming together to support her is just really awesome,” said Davis.

“I just cannot imagine what they’re going through right now. And I just feel like just knowing that we’re here just to support them in any way has to be a blessing,” said Courtney Sprynczynatyk, Zoey and Greysen’s mom.

And so, on this day, that blessing took shape in the form of lemonade. The best in town if you ask Graysen and Zoey.

But they know this is about much more than just a great cup of lemonade. It’s about helping others and creating joy.

“I like seeing people smile and seeing people have nice words,” said Greysen.

“It makes me feel good inside,” added Zoey.

“I think there’s a lot of love behind it. You can feel it,” said Dr. Brielle Renz. She is Sarah’s dentist. She’s committed to matching donations up to $2,500.

“We want everyone’s donations to go further so we can just bless this family,” she said.

For Sarah’s parents, it’s not about the money, but rather about the support for their daughter. Support from those who love her, and from those who’ve never even met Sarah.

“Just for Sarah to know that people are behind her, supporting her, and many are praying as well,” said Frank Losos, Sarah’s dad.

And while asking for help is never easy, Zoey and Greysen say it’s the secret ingredient to a successful lemonade stand.

“People have to help you sometimes,” said Zoey.

And helping others might also be the secret to a good life.

The Sprynczynatyks raised more than $1,800 at their lemonade stand. They’re still hoping to get to $2,500, so combined with Dr. Renz’s donation, they’d have $5,000 to give to the McFarlen family.

If you’d like to donate, you can Venmo Sarah. Her Venmo is @Sarah-McFarlen. Donations are also being accepted at All Smiles Dental in Bismarck.