Twin sisters share valedictorian experience together at graduation

Published: May. 28, 2023 at 12:28 PM CDT
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FORT DODGE, Iowa (KCCI) – Twins in Iowa are looking back on their grade school experience just before they graduate as valedictorians of their class.

Mykaela Stuhrenberg always strives for excellence in school. Her twin sister, Mykenzie, has the same attitude.

“So I put the work in and decided to take some harder classes to challenge myself and ended up getting good grades all throughout,” Mykaela Stuhrenberg said.

Mykenzie Stuhrenberg is older than her sister by about 45 minutes. The two are very competitive when it comes to school and just about everything else.

When the end of the school year came at Manson-Northwest Webster High School in Fort Dodge, they wanted to know who made the cut to be valedictorian.

“We kind of knew each other’s grades all along, and I didn’t really think about having a 4.0, you wouldn’t be valedictorian until, like, the end of it,” Mykenzie Stuhrenberg said.

However, both of the girls earned the honor on graduation day and the two shared the stage together.

“Definitely more special that it was my sister and that I got to end my journey with her right next to me, so that was nice,” Mykenzie Stuhrenberg said.

After years of going to grade school together, the sisters’ journey will continue at Iowa Central Community College.

Mykaela Stuhrenberg said she will study meteorology, while Mykenzie Stuhrenberg will pursue interior design. The competition between the sisters won’t end for the summer, however, as the two will take on softball over the next few months.

“Sometimes we bicker back and forth, but it is fun because growing up, we always played together,” Mykenzie Stuhrenberg said.

While the girls are competitive on and off the field, they admit that there is no better competitor or partner than your best friend.