Will-Moore Elementary students reminded about bike safety as summer approaches

Published: May. 24, 2023 at 8:03 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - School is almost out for summer, which means more kids will be out and about. Bike safety is a huge concern for parents and community members.

Will-Moore students started their morning at the Capitol grounds where they received a lesson about safety and wellness in the sunshine, before biking to school.

“With the nice weather, it’s more kids are going to be out walking or biking, and so, please, slow down be aware, especially around schools, and even when school’s out, summer school will be in session. And so, if you are in those areas near a school, use extra caution,” said Katie Johnke with Bismarck Burleigh Health.

Johnke says kids need 60 minutes minimum of physical activity a day, so starting the day with a bike ride helped the kids meet that goal.

“Physical activity we know is so important for development, for positive learning, and just physical activity and movement. And so, when we can do that before or after school, it’s always a plus,” said Johnke.

The students also learned why outdoor exercise is good for them.

“If you’re always on video games, then it’s bad for your eyes, and if you’re outside, it’s good for you,” said Isadora Rose, a student.

The kids especially think the physical activity is pretty great when they get a police escort to make sure they’re safe.

“The police will follow you and the police will make sure you’re safe. And you need to have a helmet for this event because they need to make sure you’re safe,” said Kaylee Miller, a student.

Johnke has a few tips to keep kids safe this summer.

“It’s so important to do it with them if they’re at a young age, helmets obviously are so important that were required today for our youth riders. Participating to protect them, wearing bright colored clothing, making sure they know how to safely cross the crosswalk, so talking to your children about what to look for and what to do,” said Johnke.

The Children’s Safety Network says if all children from birth to 14 years old wore helmets, it would prevent 212 to 294 deaths annually.