‘Creation Station’ in Bismarck provides free art, creativity for all ages

Published: May. 23, 2023 at 3:14 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Summer vacation has already started for many kids. Others will put away the books and backpacks later this week.

And parents, you know it’s coming. A few days into summer break, the kids are bound to complain they’re bored.

Now the good news: a Bismarck woman has come up with an idea to keep kids busy and creative juices flowing this summer.

This is an idea years in the making.

“It’s been rattling around in my brain for years,” said Nina Loeks, owner of Art from the Heart art studio.

Loeks finally decided to make her idea a reality. She set up this “Creation Station” outside her home on 7th Street just north of Bismarck High School. It’s a high-traffic spot. Loeks hopes some of those passersby will stop here and grab an art project.

“Everything that you need to make a project is inside here, except for maybe a cup of water,” she said.

Right now, the “Creation Station” is stocked with projects for preschool and elementary-age kids. Loeks has plans to add things for teens and even adults. Lyla Bianco is hoping for some watercolor kits.

“You just use water, and it just looks cool,” said Bianco, who is just finishing sixth grade.

Loeks is providing the art kits for free. She hopes that will encourage more people to give art a shot this summer.

“Kids are kind of starving for that creative outlet. So, it’s just a fun little thing for them to do,” Loeks said. “It makes most people happy to do art. So I thought, well, the world could use a little more happy.”

A little more happy, and a lot more creativity for the summer.

While Loeks is providing the art kits at no charge, she welcomes donations of art supplies to help create the kits. You can learn more about the “Creation Station” and other classes she’s offering this summer on her Facebook page.