The couple who defied odds, moving from NYC to ND to launch a thriving fashion business

The couple who defied odds, moving from NYC to ND to launch a thriving fashion business
Published: Apr. 14, 2023 at 5:34 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Diane and Bruce Magidson made an unexpected move from her home near New York City to North Dakota to start her clothing business. Despite the challenges, she has successfully made her mark in the fashion industry.

Diane is a seamstress, marketer and entrepreneur — a life she designed for herself in the fashion industry, but a far cry from her former career in the Big Apple.

“We were living on the East Coast. I was working my dream job, and I think Diane was too. I was in the textile industry, and in short, she was a high level management consultant going to very large corporations,” said Sewbatik Co-Owner Bruce Magidson.

But the burn to start something of their own was the thread that propelled Diane and her husband, Bruce, into new territory.

“We made the decision to just quit our jobs. And so, I quit mine first. Bruce gave six months notice on his. And then, we just started making our own fabric. And then, we started a website,” said Sewbatik Co-Owner Diane Magidson.

Determined to make a change, Diane decided to take a risk and move back home to North Dakota where she and Bruce started a textile and fabric business.

With limited resources and a much smaller fashion community, Diane knew she had her work cut out for her.

But, she says it was the community here that helped her succeed.

“The state of North Dakota, in general, for employee information, for just doing what you need to get started — we couldn’t even imagine doing that in New Jersey or New York,” said Diane.

With fabric in hand, Diane got to work building her brand and acquiring funding from local banks. It wasn’t long before her boutique fabrics and innovative designs began to catch the attention of customers.

Then, they got a visit one could only hope for in North Dakota.

“A few months later, Governor Hoeven came and welcomed us among other things. We had access to helpful, welcoming government officials, EDC people, community, everything,” said Bruce.

Despite the challenges that come with being a small fish in a big pond, Diane’s perseverance and hard work paid off. Her business is now thriving, thanks to the internet and a loyal, local consumer base.

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