Speeding on a portion of Bismarck Expressway causes it to get a nickname

Published: Mar. 25, 2023 at 8:25 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Speeding. We are all guilty of it sometimes. But speeding is a particular concern for some people traveling on a portion of roadway in Bismarck.

This section of Expressway that our reporter Justin Gick is standing at has been nicknamed Bismarck’s Autobahn. Drivers are traveling at high rates of speed with seemingly no care in the world. People traveling on Expressway have noticed others’ actions.

The section at the center of these speed complaints is between South Washington Street and the Expressway Bridge.

“I have seen accidents happen there last week, it’s an ongoing thing,” said Lito Starkweather, Bismarck.

The Bismarck Police Department has conducted speed studies in the past on this stretch of roadway, however, Highway Patrol is the main agency covering this area.

“They are enforcing traffic laws along that whole strip of Expressway between Bismarck and Mandan, all the way up to 83 and I-94,” said Lt. Jeff Solemsaas, traffic commander with the Bismarck Police Department.

A majority of the accidents this winter have been from people speeding when conditions on the road are not at their best. Some people who have been driving this portion of Expressway when it’s covered in snow have seen what speed can do and hope more can be done to keep others safe.

“A couple of weeks ago I actually got rear ended because of the snow issue. And it could be better, I guess, in regard to the traffic signs and signals,” said Starkweather.

Bismarck Police says that one third of the accident calls they receive are rear end collisions due to speed. They have seen this occur at South Washington Street and Expressway, and they warn drivers that by speeding you are actually doing a disservice to yourself.

“The faster you go, the longer it is going to take you to react to it and the longer it is going to take you to stop. If something happens where you have to take some kind of evasive action, you have to give yourself time to react,” said Solemsaas.

Law enforcement tell us they will continue to monitor speeding issues on this section of Expressway, but even drivers agree it comes down to one simple solution.

“Just slow down! That’s all, that’s it, it’s easy. Just slow down. You will get there one way or another, right?” said Starkweather.

The Bismarck Police Department plans to conduct more speed studies in this area.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding has been involved in one third of all motor vehicle fatalities.