Beulah’s Larson family makes traveling to the ‘B’ a habit, have had three kids play in tournament

Published: Mar. 18, 2023 at 9:19 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - There’s a saying that goes, “Sports are a mirror in which the world reflects itself.” After three days of the “B,” that couldn’t be more true. The family atmosphere and all the smiles on the faces of the fans in victory and defeat, this tournament really reminds us what it’s all about: the community.

North Dakota’s Class B tournament is a special event for many people. The “B” certainly holds a special place in the hearts of one family from Beulah: The Larsons.

“We have nine kids. We have six boys and three girls and we were fortunate enough to where Jonah here got to be in the state tournament, so this is our second and third boys that are in the state tournament,” said Misti Larson, mom.

For the Larsons, there are countless reasons why this tournament is so unique.

“The energy, the fan’s support. There’s nothing like the state B,” said Misti.

“I think the biggest thing for me is that it’s a showcase in front of the whole state of all that you put in over your career. I don’t know if I know a single person that can say they haven’t watched the state B,” said Jonah Larson, brother.

It’s an incredibly memorable thing to have one kid play in the state B. But to have three kids do it? The Larsons are extremely proud parents.

“It’s kind of hard not to get emotional or a little loud during the games. But the support and the ability that these kids have, you’re just 100% behind them. You always think they can do a little bit more, but you are so proud of them to get to this level,” said Brent Larson, dad.

“Another thing is that we see how hard they work year-round for this moment. It’s not just during their season. They work year-round,” said Misti.

“It means a lot. I pretty much tear up when I think about it. But especially my senior year in 2020, it got canceled and I thought we had a good chance, and I think they have a chance to go and write off that chapter and finish that for the history books,” said Jonah.

Their son Bennett is a freshman on this year’s Miners team. He could possibly have the chance of playing in the state tournament again later in his career, this time after North Dakota changes to a three-class system.

“I think it will be exciting. I like the dynamic of multiple teams from the same region having chances to get into State. I think there’s a lot of teams that nowadays are just so close and they probably deserve to be there, but they’re one or two points off,” said Jonah.