Family in Menoken snowed in

Published: Mar. 17, 2023 at 9:19 PM CDT
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MENOKEN, N.D. (KFYR) - At this point, it’s not too hard to navigate around snow on city roads, which are drivable for the most part.

However, in rural areas, it’s a different story.

Peggy Boe lives in rural Menoken.

She says the snow outside her home is now piled so high, her husband must trek a quarter mile down their private driveway in snowshoes just to make it to their pickup.

Boe says she and her snowed-in neighbors have been communicating with each other, trying to find a solution.

She says she’s reached out to the county multiple times for a remedy.

Typically, she says the county will plow their private drives after finishing the county roads.

However, she says this year the snowfall has been so intense, she was placed on a waiting list.

But as it stands, she says the waiting list has been tossed aside for now because the snow keeps falling, and the county needs more time to continuously plow county roads.

Boe says even private companies have denied her, saying the snow is just too high.

“We know everybody’s in this situation, but not everyone out here has the means to buy million-dollar equipment to dig themselves out in snow that happens every ten years or so. It is a hardship living out here when this happens,” said Boe.

Boe says she hasn’t been able to leave home for almost two weeks due to the snow buildup.

She says she knows the county is doing what it can, but she doesn’t want others in her position to be forgotten.