Businesses rally to help couple get married despite blizzard in Minot

Published: Mar. 17, 2023 at 8:49 PM CDT

MINOT, N.D. (KMOT) – Anyone who’s planned a wedding knows you gotta plan things way in advance, and you have to be ready to adapt if things change.

Sarah and Eric Myklebust were all set to get married this past Saturday.

Then.... the blizzard hit.

Your News Leader’s Joe Skurzewski spoke with the newlyweds and some of the business owners who came together to make sure the couple and their loved ones could celebrate their big day.

These photos are from a weekend Sarah and Eric Myklebust will never forget.

“I was just running doing so much other stuff I didn’t even really pay attention to the forecast until late Thursday evening when one of my bridesmaid’s husbands, who was a farmer, was like ‘Sarah this is going to be a really bad storm,’” said Sarah.

The couple made the impromptu decision to make their marriage official at their church in Berthold during the rehearsal. But they still wanted to have a ceremony with friends and family the following day, on top of the reception.

That’s where Carl Clemetson and his team at the Regency Event Center sprang into action.

“We re-laid the floor out, we readjusted the tables to make sure she still had a ceremony, aisle so that she could come in, normally a reception is not set up for that,” said Carl Clemetson, with the Regency Event Center.

The Myklebusts said everyone, from the team at the Regency to their hairstylist, to the decorators, and their photographer all made adjustments so the blizzard outside didn’t disrupt the wedding inside.

“She was crying all morning and I just was like ‘Oh it’s ok Sarah,’ and she’s like ‘No I’m just so happy, I’m so happy that this is happening, regardless of who’s here and what’s happening, and I’m so glad you made it because you’re going to capture our special day,’” said Jerica Schwanz, the Myklebust’s wedding photographer.

Clemetson said in their line of work, you have to be ready to adapt.

“Like our farmers out in the field, when the weather changes you have to be flexible,” said Clemetson.

Sarah and Eric said the love of their fellow North Dakotans revealed itself over the weekend, to create a day they’ll never forget.

“Everybody’s so welcoming too, you immediately fell like you’re just part of a family in a way,” said Eric.

Creating a day they’ll never forget.

“So many different things that all pulled together to make this day absolutely amazing and wonderful, and I’ll cherish these memories for the rest of my life,” said Sarah.

Proving that love conquers all.... even the North Dakota winter.

Sarah and Eric said that, since they ended up having their ceremony at the rehearsal, the pastor at the church caught a fire that had started in the boiler room, and got it under control before it spread.

Had they not had the ceremony, no one may have seen the fire.