Students present how they use technology in schools to ND legislators

Published: Mar. 8, 2023 at 8:31 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Most days, legislators at the session go through tedious work drafting and debating bills. But on Wednesday, they got to take time to learn through videos what North Dakota students are doing in the classroom.

It’s not every day you see video games and robots transcend the work done during a legislative session at the North Dakota Capitol. Things such as coding and virtual reality weren’t around when these lawmakers were in school, but now they’re in for a lesson.

“Even when I started teaching, technology and incorporating technology into the classroom wasn’t very big. And it grew and it kept growing and now we just integrate technology into every part of our education,” said Krista Amann, fifth grade teacher at Barnes County North Public School.

Ten schools from across the state presented how technology is used in their classrooms. From robotic Legos to digital dice, the different ways to learn seem limitless.

“I’m not turning down books, books are still good, but I think we can have a way more wide variety on online stuff,” said fifth grader Cooper Kramlich.

Barnes County North fifth graders got the chance to present their merge cubes. The cubes displayed their book reports through AR.

“It reads a QR that is on the cube, and we take our iPads and it’s on the app and we show it on the cube,” said fifth grader Chloee Barnes.

The showcase not only taught legislators about how technology is now integrated into schools, but it helped students practice their presentation skills and share their passion for technology.

“It teaches you different things and how to overcome problems, so that is one of my favorite parts,” said fifth grader Hayden Morast.

The showcase was funded through EduTech which helps provide education technology development for K-12 in the state.