Patrons called ‘heroes’ for coming to aid of shooting victims at Minot bar

Published: Feb. 4, 2023 at 6:25 PM CST
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MINOT, N.D. (KMOT) – Two people were injured in a shooting Friday night at a southwest Minot bar.

Minot Police said they have the suspected shooter in custody.

Some patrons who were inside the bar at the time are being called “heroes” for their response.

The scene outside the Dakota Lounge in southwest Minot is pretty quiet now, but shortly after midnight Saturday it turned into a panic as people fled following shots fired inside.

We’re also hearing some stories of heroics in the moments to follow.

Evan Hunt was deejaying the karaoke booth when the shots rang out. He recounted what happened next.

“People started to scatter. I announced on the microphone for people to get down. I had people get down behind me in the DJ booth, and pretty much try to keep some calm in the building,” said Hunt.

Minot Police Capt. Dale Plessas said the large crowd at the bar on a busy Friday night presented a challenge to investigators.

“There were just so many people that needed to be interviewed, and so many people that were exiting and leaving the area, so it was definitely chaotic,” said Plessas.

Hunt said one of his friends was struck by a bullet, but is now recovering at home. He said some patrons inside rushed to the aid of those who were hurt.

“There were a lot of people — I’m going to call them heroes because they were heroes — that gave medical attention before any medical professionals got there. People had gauze and wraps and they were talking to them, and, it was a heroic scene,” said Hunt.

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Police located the suspected shooter, 39-year-old Theophris Drake, across the street, and took him into custody. He’ll face charges of aggravated assault, unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, and terrorizing, and remains in custody pending a court appearance — and more charges could be coming.

As for the Dakota Lounge, the bar posted a statement on social media saying they would be closed Saturday and would reopen Sunday, adding “it was a very scary situation but our employees handled it the best way they could... We appreciate all of you and will do our best to make everyone feel safe again.”

Police said it’s believed the injuries were serious but non-life-threatening.

Plessas said if witnesses who were notified they would be contacted by police haven’t been contacted yet — don’t worry, police have a lot of investigation to go through, and will get a hold of you as soon as they can.

Meanwhile, if you witnessed the shooting but have not spoken with the authorities, you’re asked to come forward and talk with police.