Wachter Middle School’s space day

Published: Jan. 25, 2023 at 5:44 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - It’s many students’ dream to walk on the moon, but students at Wachter Middle School got the chance to hold parts of the moon in their hands Wednesday.

These might look like typical rocks, but they’re actually moon rocks, and students are excited to see what they’re learning about in their textbook come to life.

“It’s like once in a lifetime, and it’s really cool that they get to bring them here to show us them,” said Kate Nowatzki, 7th grader.

Teacher Marcy Gray says the only other places students might have opportunities to see these would be at places like the Smithsonian, which can help them envision future career paths.

“When they get to see them and touch them, and it might spark that curiosity to be an engineer for NASA to go to the next moon mission to help build and fix things in space, and what a great little experience for them,” said Gray.

One student has broadened his horizon and what he finds interesting when thinking about his future job.

“So, I was thinking of becoming like a diesel mechanic or something and seeing all the moon rocks and engines of spaceships and stuff that’s really interesting to me,” said Brandon Kunz, 7th grader.

For some students, it’s an interest they’ve had their whole lives, and they get to see it in real life.

“Because when I was little, I always like to learn about space and a lot of like, what’s out there and what’s on the moon,” said Calee Olson, 7th grader.

The students are learning at six stations. Each facilitates a different activity, like building Jenga towers with oven mitts to mimic what it’s like in a space station.

Macy Gray encourages other teachers to apply to educational programs with NASA to get the chance to host learning activities in their classrooms.