Crews with MDU busy this week with frosty power lines

MDU repairs downed lines near Kenmare
MDU repairs downed lines near Kenmare(MDU)
Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 7:13 PM CST
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KENMARE, N.D. (KMOT) – Line crews with Montana-Dakota Utilities and other power companies and cooperatives have had their hands full this week, working to restore power to some areas and repair or clear power lines.

Mark Hanson with MDU said continued fog and frost on lines, combined with a lack of sun breaking through, has caused some lines to break and led to power outages.

He said when the wind picked up, it creates a galloping effect on the lines, and they bump into one another, leading to breaks.

“It’s really been concentrated, kind of in the Kenmare area, and then kind of going to the north and west, has been kind of the main area that’s been hit the hardest, with smaller outages ,” said Hanson.

Anyone dealing with outages can contact MDU at (800) 638-3278 or your local energy provider.