Minot bakery discusses how they keep low turnover amid national worker shortages

Published: Jan. 18, 2023 at 8:19 PM CST
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MINOT, N.D. (KMOT) – The shortage of viable workers has been long documented over the past year. Experts attribute it to several factors, from low unemployment rates to workers staying in their current jobs.

Candace Sobota worked at Bearscat Bakehouse a few months before COVID hit. She left amid the pandemic but chose to come back to work this past December.

She said she enjoys the creativity that comes with the job of decorating donuts.

“Cool patterns, different types of fill-ins, all types of stuff. You get to get into your own creative zone and people seem to enjoy those,” said Sobota.

Susan Ogurek, a workforce manager with Job Service North Dakota, said people stick with jobs when they have opportunities for advancement, not just in a promotion, but in knowledge.

”Getting them involved with some of the aspects of the business, getting their perspective,” said Ogurek.

Sobota said this shop is more colorful than any other place she’s worked.

”I like to make people smile first thing in the morning, especially when I’m feeling a little goofy,” said Sobota.

Jessica Armstrong, the general manager of Minot’s Bearscat, said she treats her employees like people, not machines.

”We have a day they might come in and they’re not hundred percent and we understand that. We definitely work with them,” said Armstrong.

Jessica said she loves the boss and the concept and said their customers rarely complain.

The Job Service representative says engaging workers in business decisions is important to keeping them.