Ronald McDonald House helps families during the holiday season

Published: Dec. 7, 2022 at 6:24 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - As the holiday season comes around many families look forward to spending time together at home. For the Greene family that might not be possible. The family has been living at the Ronald McDonald House since October 16 since their new daughter was born two months early.

Playtime is looking a little different for Anna and Jacob Greene. Normally they run around their house in Minot but for the past two months they have been finding new toys to play with in Bismarck.

“The first couple of days is kind of nerve racking because isn’t your house. But once you are here, the ladies of the house just make you feel like family,” said Father Charles Greene.

The house normally houses three to four families at a time. Right now, there are four with another expected to arrive on Thursday. All times of the year are busy, but an old wives’ tale proves true for the house.

“When full moons come, babies also decide to make an appearance, you know that old thing, with the tides in all that sort of stuff. We believe that here, we get busier in times with full moons,” said Kathy Keiser executive director.

The house is ramping up for the holiday season, with decorations, caroling, and cookie baking. People in the community are even leaving surprises right outside the front door.

“A package of cookies off by the front door this morning. There are a lot of Santa’s out there,” said Keiser.

While the Greene family has been in the house for almost two months, they are expecting to spend the holiday at home in Minot.

“I got some good news, right now they just took my baby off of oxygen. So, we could potentially be out of here in 48 hours,” said Greene.

The longest a family has stayed in the house was 164 days.

If financially possible, families are asked to donate $20 per night of their stay. All other costs are funded through donations by clicking here.