Riverstone: Old Bismarck AMC theatre renovated into a new church

Published: Dec. 4, 2022 at 5:55 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - The old AMC theatre in Bismarck’s Gateway Mall was busy Sunday, but it wasn’t because people were gathering to watch a movie.

The theatre closed down during the pandemic, and now a church has moved in.

At first glance, you might think this old movie theatre is still serving up entertainment the old-fashioned way.

But what isn’t seen is how much work the volunteers from Riverstone put into making this space a place of worship.

“When they got this space, there were 85 volunteers who showed up to clean the entire theatre,” said Sarah Coleman, pastor’s wife of Riverstone Church.

The pastor and his wife of the Riverstone congregation credit the board of directors as well as the volunteers for transforming the old AMC theatre into a new church building.

“It’s just so cool to see how God goes into different spaces, and then redeems it and makes it into something beautiful and new and creative,” said Sam Coleman, pastor of Riverstone Church.

Sunday service is held in the theatre itself, and popcorn is available to those who attend.

“Then it opens up the opportunity for them to say, ‘If nothing else, I want to see what happened to the old AMC theatre,’ and then we have a chance to share Jesus’ love with them,” said Sarah.

Though Riverstone has had a few worship services and soft openings, December 4 was the official grand opening. After service, church members provided a potluck right out of the old theatre concessions.

The next events at Riverstone are a Christmas party for middle schoolers, and a movie night for high schoolers, both December 7. More details can be found on their Facebook page at Riverstone Church.