Minot Bishop Ryan Catholic School celebrates Thanksgiving with a different menu

Published: Nov. 22, 2022 at 7:51 PM CST
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MINOT, N.D. (KMOT) - Students, teachers, friends and families at Bishop Ryan Catholic School got an early start celebrating Thanksgiving on Tuesday. The event requires lots of preparation from kids, staff and parents.

New and old Thanksgiving traditions were served up at Bishop Ryan Catholic School Tuesday. 440 meals were shared.

“We’re all gonna be squished together,” said Elira Cumani, a fifth grader.

Cumani sat next to high school students for lunch. She and other elementary classes worked together with older students to make the place settings for the feast.

“We got to partner up with them, already, and kind of got to know them, so they’re kind of like our friends, I guess,” said Genevie Vedeeter, a fifth grader.

Vedeeter says the pre-meal decorations and preparations promoted bonding between students of different ages.

“I think it was a fun experience because my sister is in high school, so I got to do it with her and it was really fun,” said Vedeeter.

The menu for this Thanksgiving feast features a non-traditional entree, so students don’t tire of turkey.

“We’re North Dakotans and everyone loves meatballs and gravy and mashed potatoes, so that’s our meal today,” said Principal Tanya Steckler.

Steckler says dessert was provided by the parents who baked apple and pumpkin pies for hundreds of people. She says the meal is an opportunity to pause and be grateful for blessings.

That sentiment was echoed by the placemats students like Mollie Selk crafted.

“Give thanks, happy thanksgiving, be thankful, trust in God and the last one says pray,” said Selk.

A thousand meatballs were made for the meal. Wednesday’s lunch: leftovers plus pizza.

The Thanksgiving get-together has been held for the past 20 years at the Bishop Ryan School.