Finding the good after the blizzard: daycare makes cards to thank snowplow crews

Published: Nov. 21, 2022 at 4:05 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Snowplow operators have been putting in long hours to get city streets cleared after our big blizzard. Many Bismarck residents have been vocal in their frustration with the street cleaning process. But one Bismarck daycare provider is determined to find the positive amid all the negative.

It’s craft time at Mandy Gill’s daycare.

Four-year-old Liam Schmidt is pretty excited to get started.

“A project!” he exclaimed as he reached for a glue sitck.

Liam and his friends are making snowmen cards. They’ll give all nine of these cards away to some very special people.

“We’re going to give them to the snowplow man,” said Schmidt. “Because he needs some.”

“They’re always so fascinated with the garbage trucks and the snowplows,” added Gill. She wanted to thank the city of Bismarck’s snowplow drivers for their hard work.

“I’m a giver and I love doing something for people,” she said.

She also wanted to get her daycare kids involved and teach them the importance of saying “thank you.” Because she says, sometimes kind words can make a big difference.

“When someone says something kind to you even just in passing, it makes your whole day. Hopefully, this gives them a little push or a little boost of confidence that they can get done and know that people are still appreciative of them, even though it’s taking longer than they probably want it to,” Gill explained.

She was right; these cards brightened the day for the city’s snowplow drivers.

“It makes us feel good,” said Chad Schiermeister, crew leader for the city snowplow crews.

In fact, these sweet cards might just be enough to melt a few hearts.

City crews are currently working to widen the streets. Starting Tuesday, they’ll start hauling snow out again.