United Community Bank Athlete of the Week: South Prairie’s Amy Mikkelson

Published: Nov. 2, 2022 at 6:58 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. (KMOT) – When Amy Mikkelson walks into a room, the whole room wants to meet her.

“In the hallways, she will talk to anybody and everybody who is within range,” said Ketura Schwarzrock, Amy’s coach and teacher.

“I like to talk a lot and learn about people,” said Amy.

She’s the same way on the volleyball court.

“She will partner with anybody and everybody on the team, she doesn’t exclude anybody, she will cheer for everyone,” said Schwarzrock.

It’s been quite the year for South Prairie.

None of the school’s sports teams have ever qualified for a regional tournament.

Amy stepped into the libero role this season, as a sophomore.

“She will give you 110% effort every time. If you tell her to fix something she will fix it and she will do her hardest to get it done,” said Schwarzrock.

She missed last season after tearing her ACL.

“it just twisted and snapped,” said Amy.

Amy attempted a layup at a summer league basketball game and collided with another player on her way down to the floor.

“I fell on the floor and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I tore my ACL,’” said Amy.

She missed all of her freshman year volleyball and basketball seasons.

“I think it was hard on her, but she was happy for us teammates that could play. She was always trying to bring us up and she was always happy for what we could do,” said Hattie Heer, a freshman at Max.

Amy still found ways to get involved.

“I wasn’t always super loud on the court. If I messed up I would pout all the time. I went back and watched and thought how that’s embarrassing. It really made me realize that I wasted all that time that I could be having fun when I could play,” said Amy.

And for the first time in school history, Amy and her teammates will be playing at regionals.

The Royals will play Bottineau, the two-seeded team from District 11, on Monday, Nov. 7 at the Minot Auditorium.

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