Lulu the rescue pig wiggles her way into White Shield family’s home and hearts

Published: Oct. 31, 2022 at 1:43 PM CDT
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WHITE SHIELD, N.D. – The popular children’s book “Charlotte’s Web” is the story of a friendship between a pig named Wilbur and a spider named Charlotte.

In North Dakota, there’s a similar, real-life story of some unlikely friends who live just outside White Shield.

Lulu the pig has wiggled her way into Ashley DeHaven’s home, and her family’s hearts.

“We kind of have a funny farm,” said Ashley DeHaven as she watched her sons feed the animals.

DeHaven’s funny farm includes a bottle calf.

“He thinks he’s a goat,” she said.

They’ve also got several goats, two donkeys, a chicken and some cats.

“Anything and everything that needs a home,” she laughed.

Now, they’ve added a new animal to the funny farm.

Meet Lulu the pig.

“Our animals aren’t normal around here,” she said.

DeHaven adopted Lulu from Kitty City, a Mandan based rescue, about six weeks ago.

“She slept a lot,” DeHaven recalled. “My son would sleep on the dog bed with her and cuddle her and she got lots of love and rest.”

That love and rest was just what the doctor ordered. When DeHaven adopted Lulu, she was recovering from several facial fractures, the result of being thrown from a moving vehicle.

“They were looking for a home and specifically a home that wouldn’t eat her and would let her just hang out and be a pet,” she explained.

Lulu has made herself at home inside the house.

“When the weather is nice, she’ll go out and play with the goats and the cats. But when it’s cold, she’s inside on her bed,” DeHaven said.

With two young sons, a dog and now a pig inside the house, DeHaven says life is never boring.

“It’s like having three toddlers,” she explained. “The boys were rough house with her. She joins right in. They play tag. She chases them and runs away. She plays ball. She has rope toys that she’s swinging around. They get pretty riled up together and they’re just kind of vibe off each other’s energy.”

And while Lulu is a good pet, at about 12 weeks old, Lulu is growing quickly.

“She’s going to be probably 300 pounds, maybe more,” said Ashley.

Which means soon, Lulu will adjust to life outside. She’ll join the other animals in the barnyard.

Animals that DeHaven said make every day a little better.

“They’re good for the soul,” she said.

bring a lot of peace and happiness to our lives.

DeHaven grew up on a farm with beef cattle and horses. She says now that she’s the mom, she’s finally getting all the hobby animals she dreamed of having as a kid.