White Shield couple donates narcotics dogs to McLean County Sheriff’s Department in memory of grandsons they lost

Published: Oct. 3, 2022 at 3:52 PM CDT
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WHITE SHIELD, N.D. - Sometimes, the bad things that happen in life inspire some of the greatest, unexpected outcomes.

There’s a good example of that in McLean County.

Grandparents mourning the loss of two young grandsons found a way to honor their memories and keep their county a little safer at the same time. What they did, is good news for the entire state of North Dakota.

This is Little Warrior.

“She’s about a year and a half,” said McLean County sheriff’s deputy Jesse Feist.

And this is Roman.

“He’s learning a lot of stuff,” said his handler, McLean County sheriff’s deputy Chad Wiege.

They are the newest members of the McLean County Sheriff’s Department. The dogs and their handlers are just back from training in Texas.

“Super stoked and excited to see what we can do together,” said Wiege.

There’s something extra special about Little Warrior and Roman. They are named after Don and Delilah Yellow Bird’s two grandsons who passed away.

“It’s just a small gift the gratitude for what they did,” said Delilah.

Three years ago, when Yellow Bird’s grandson, known as Little Warrior, passed away, the McLean County Sherriff’s Department gave him a hero’s escort. More than a dozen McLean County deputies joined the procession. It’s a gesture Delilah has never forgotten.

The Yellow Birds finally found a way to say thank you to the department. They donated the money used to purchase Little Warrior and Roman. A small token of their gratitude.. and a constant reminder of the grandsons they loved and lost.

“They didn’t get to live but I want their names to carry on,” said Delilah.

McLean County Sheriff J.R. Kerzmann says the dogs are a gift for the entire state. They’ve seen an increase in drugs being transported on Highway 83, from Minot to Bismarck. He hopes these dogs can help get those drugs off the streets in all cities around the state.