Crafting traditions

Published: Sep. 30, 2022 at 5:35 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. (KFYR) - Food is just one thing bringing people to Norsk Hostfest. The handmade artisan products are a favorite as well.

Culture and passion are being interwoven in traditional Scandinavian artisan practices.

“A guy sitting here having the time of his life weaving, it’s fun. It’s fun to talk to people, Hostfest brings out the best in people I think,” said Don Karsky of Karsky’s Kraft.

One vendor was making a notch in her family history. Becky Lusk was keeping the woodcarving tradition her grandfather taught her alive in her dragon style board.

“Just passing on, I guess, the spark. Just to keep doing this type of handwork is very important for us,” said Becky Lusk of Lusk Scandia Woodworks.

Karsky started coming to the festival in 1988 and they always sell out of something.

“People change, their tastes change and their purchasing habits change. So, we’ll go home and weave up a whole bunch of what we sold out on and then we are sitting on it for a couple of years, because next year they will buy something else,” said Karsky.

Ossian Kidholm has been making the trip from Norway to Minot for 25 years. Through his 55 years of spinning and traveling to hundreds of markets in Norway, Minot stands out to him.

“Friendship and love. I cannot explain it back in Norway, they will not understand me, Hostfest is more than wonderful,” said Ossian Kidholm of Norsk Angora Spinners.

There were more than 80 vendors booths at the festival.

Norsk Hostfest is in its 43rd year and the festival goes until Saturday.