Sports Spotlight: Weston Dressler’s journey from Bismarck High to UND to Saskatchewan Roughriders

Published: Sep. 28, 2022 at 7:55 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Weston Dressler recently went into the Saskatchewan Roughriders Plaza of Honour.

“This guy is so good we consider him Canadian!”

Those were the first words spoken when Weston Dressler was introduced to the crowd at the Plaza of Honour ceremony. It goes to the best of the best in Roughriders history.

“I think back and I think going into the Plaza of Honour a couple of weeks ago gave me a chance to kind of reflect on everything. Reflect on the whole experience of being up there in my career,” said Dressler.

And what a career it was. Weston spent 11-seasons in the CFL putting up very impressive numbers. It seems like the rules of the Canadian game were designed with Dressler in mind.

“There were certain plays throughout my career that I knew a half second to a full second before that ball was snapped exactly what the defense was doing, exactly what I was doing and I knew pretty well what the outcome was going to be or at least what it should have been if we execute well,” said Dressler.

The ultimate outcome of a season in the CFL is the Grey Cup. The Roughriders won it in 2013. Weston caught a touchdown in that game. He hoisted the Cup in front of the fans, but you’ll never guess what he recalls about the day after.

“I remember waking up the next day and my calves were extremely sore because I was running and jumping around so much after the game. I think I was more physically active after the game than I was during the game itself,” said Dressler.

The Saskatchewan fans connected with Dressler right away.

“As a player in that community, you really feel like a celebrity in a fish bowl type of thing going on,” said Dressler.

“Snoop Dogg wore my jersey at a concert in Saskatoon,” said Dressler, from his Plaza of Honour speech.

Weston may have been popular, but he used it for good causes. For example, potato chips.

“Ultimately, it was one of those things where they were raising money for a children’s hospital in that province in Saskatchewan and to be a part of that and kind of go through that process and help them raise some money was something pretty cool to be a part of,” said Dressler.

Before his pro football career, Weston went to UND. All he did there was set 19-school records.

“Teammates that I played with at UND, they were part of my wedding party. I always say football brought me my greatest friends, friends that I will have throughout my lifetime,” said Dressler.

And before UND, there was Bismarck High. Dressler’s jersey has been retired by the Demons.

“I truly felt like every one of my coaches gave me something and Coach Gibson and Coach Colby were two guys that gave me a lot,” said Dressler.

Weston is working for Sanford back in Bismarck now, but he will forever be connected to Canada.

“They really welcomed me in as kind of an honorary Canadian being as close to the border as we are in North Dakota here and ultimately found my wife up there, so we’ve got some US-Canadian kids running around now,” said Dressler.