NDHP rolls out less conspicuous vehicle

Published: Sep. 27, 2022 at 5:24 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - One North Dakota Highway Patrol car is getting a new look and it might be hard to spot.

If you blink and you’re going too fast, you might miss it.

”As I’m driving down the road in a patrol car, you can see people visibly slow down, or throw on their seatbelts or put their phones down. This less conspicuous vehicle won’t be as noticeable to the average motorist,” said Wade Kadrmas, ND Highway Patrol Sergeant.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol is rolling out a new patrol vehicle with reflective graphics, which will be harder for drivers to see in the daytime.

”Drivers, motorists, choose to do certain driving behaviors that are dangerous, that are outside of what the standard rules are. And those are the individuals we want to encounter to encourage to drive safely,” said Kadrmas.

Right now, there is one Highway Patrol vehicle with the new graphics. The car is stationed in Fargo but will be moved around the state.

”That seems to be where we have had a number of concerns about aggressive, distracted, dangerous driving,” said Kadrmas.

The goal of the new graphics is to make it easier for officers to detect crash-causing violations. Other agencies in the state use similar vehicles.

”We know they can be effective, it is just a matter of us taking the initiative and getting a car set and utilizing it,” said Kadrmas.

The reflective logos are on the sides and the rear of the vehicle and will show up when headlights shine on them. There will also be a traditional Highway Patrol license plate on the vehicle.